Organizational structure of the LLB Group

on 16 January 2012

Group Board of Directors*

Dr. Hans-Werner Gassner

Group Internal Audit

Patrick Helg

* Group Board of Directors

  • Dr. Hans-Werner Gassner, Chairman
  • lic. oec. publ. Markus Foser, Vice Chairman
  • Markus Büchel
  • Dr. Felix R. Ehrat
  • Ingrid Hassler-Gerner
  • Roland Oehri
  • Konrad Schnyder

Group Corporate Communications

Dr. Cyrill Sele

Special Clients

Norman Oehri

Group Executive Board** CEO

Roland Matt

** Group Executive Board

  • Roland Matt, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Kurt Mäder
  • lic. iur. Urs Müller
  • Christoph M. Reich

Group Executive Board** Domestic & Institutional Markets

lic. iur. Urs Müller
  • Domestic Clients
    lic. oec. publ. Eduard Zorc
  • Bank Linth LLB AG
    Prof. Dr. Heinz Knecht
  • Institutional Clients
    Mag. iur. Natalie Flatz
  • LLB Asset Management
    Mag. Markus Wiedemann
  • LLB Fondsleitung AG
    Roland Bargetze
  • LLB Fund Services AG
    lic. oec. Ernst Risch

Group Executive Board** International Market

ad interim
Roland Matt
  • International Clients
    lic. oec. et rer. publ. P. Daniel Bischof
  • LLB (Switzerland) AG
    Mag. Jörg Klar
  • LLB (Österreich) AG
    Peter F. Mayer
  • Jura Trust AG
    Michael A. Steiger
  • swisspartners Investment Network AG
    Markus Wintsch

Group Executive Board** Corporate Service Center

Dr. Kurt Mäder
  • Group Operations & Services
    Stephan Schneider
  • Group Corporate Development
    Michael Meissner
  • Group Human Resources
    Dr. Bernd Moosmann
  • Group Legal & Compliance
    Dr. iur. Graziella Marok-Wachter
  • Group Information Technology
    Stephan Schmidle

Group Executive Board** CFO

Christoph M. Reich
  • Group Finance & Risk
    ad interim
    Christoph M. Reich

Dr. Josef Fehr stepped down as Chairman of the Group Executive Board and the Board of Management of the Liechtensteinische Landesbank, for personal reasons and at his own request, as of 16 January 2012. The Board of Management appointed his former deputy Roland Matt as Chief Executive Officer and Christoph M. Reich as Chief Financial Officer; the latter was also elected a new member of the Group Executive Board and the Board of Management. The new Group Executive Board and the Board of Management now consists of five members. The recruitment process for the vacant position of the Head of the International Market Business Division has commenced.

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