Mobility management

Since ecology and the economy are inseparably linked the LLB Group is committed to reducing the carbon footprint through the introduction of organizational measures. For example, we motivate our employees by providing them with relevant information on how they can possibly abstain from driving to work, form car pools or switch to more environmentally friendly as well as cost saving alternatives. Our comprehensive mobility management consists of various elements, such as, for example, a graduated system of fees on parking spaces for employees. Furthermore, LLB bears the costs of an annual travel pass with the Liechtenstein Bus Company (LBA). Employees living outside the catchment area of the LBA receive financial contributions for using regional public transport. We encourage our staff to take the bus or ride our company bicycles to meetings and events in Liechtenstein.

Furthermore, we offer car-sharing possibilities that can be used both for business and for private purposes. The fact that our employees can have recourse to a car every now and again increases their mobility but at the same time saves parking spaces and helps reduce the number of car purchases as well as CO2 emissions. Since 2011 we have shared both of our «mobility cars» with the Liechtenstein Government. The new location in the centre of Vaduz is more attractive. Additionally, we are able to offer this service to more interested parties and are thus able to save on costs.

Since the introduction of mobility management in January 2010 we have made constant progress, although the number of reimbursements for LBA bus passes has decreased by 10 percent. This can be explained by the fact that the number of employees commuting to Liechtenstein from eastern Switzerland and Zurich has increased while the number of employees who live in Liechtenstein has decreased.

In a new step, we are planning to reduce the number of kilometres travelled on business trips by further expanding the use of technical alternatives, such as, for example, telephone conferencing and video-conferencing. Moreover, we encourage our employees to use public transport as much as possible when on business trips.

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