«Green» data processing centre

The Liechtensteinische Landesbank is setting future standards for the Rhine Valley region with the construction of the new branch office in Eschen (FL). The building complies with «Minergie» standards, the attached Data Center demonstrates a clear commitment to «Green IT». The energy density and, consequently, the cooling requirements of data processing centres are constantly rising, and for that reason energy efficiency is crucial. All building elements – from the construction, to the insulation and the architectural design of the building – were carefully matched to each other in order to increase energy efficiency. The construction of the new LLB data processing centre permits the specific use of only single modules. Server and cooling elements are positioned so that only the computer is cooled and not the entire room. The system uses the outside temperature, which means that no additional technical cooling is necessary below a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius (62.60 degrees Fahrenheit). The waste heat is used to heat the branch office. IBM Schweiz AG testifies to the exemplary nature of the new «green» data processing centre.

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