Professional training and education


In the 2011 business year, Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG invested CHF 1.2 million in training and professional education. A substantial proportion of the workshops and courses were held within the Group: 47 percent (2010: 71 %, 2009: 48 %).

Fostering young talent

Qualified and high-performing employees are a strategic success factor. We are very interested in their continuing development as skilled employees, as managers and as individuals. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank traditionally trains a number of its junior employees itself. In 2011, three professional trainers were responsible for 57 junior employees. The excellent dual education in theory and practice provides them with a solid basis for lifelong learning. We are strong believers in a broad education, especially in view of the fact that it offers young people in the vocational education and training system the option of later attending a traditional university or university of applied sciences.

This is also true for new employees coming directly from secondary school or after having passed their final school leaving examinations. At the bank, they work and study towards the BEM certificate of the Swiss Bankers Association (Schweizerische Bankiervereinigung). The LLB Group also provides university graduates with the opportunities to start a career in banking. They attend an individually customized trainee programme, which prepares them for their future work. These young talented people acquire their basic knowledge at the Center for Young Professionals in Banking (CYP), the competence and training centre for Swiss banks, or at the Bankenberatungszentrum St. Gallen. Further professional and personal skills are trained using internal modules.

Professional training

Further education is an important instrument of corporate development within the LLB Group. We view the costs incurred as an investment in the future.

Our good reputation as an attractive employer is part of our tradition. In accordance with our principles, we ensure that the right employees receive effective vocational training at the right time. We thereby place great emphasis on practical relevance and on equal opportunities for all employees.

Workplace education is a key and continuing task of any supervisor or manager. In 2011, a number of courses were held internally at the Bank: seminars for client advisors in the areas of asset management and financial planning, leadership training in the area of human resource management as well as courses on the important future topic of «cross-border banking». Using e-learning, our employees train to become expert users of the new Avaloq system.

Professional education

Our specialists regularly participate in continuing education events at the University of Liechtenstein. In 2011, special topics included: the current development of Liechtenstein's international tax cooperation, changes in the law in Europe regulating the distribution of financial products, adaptations to due diligence law, banking and financial market law, foundation and trust law, private banking and international asset management.

Together with the University of Liechtenstein the Liechtensteinische Landesbank organises the specialist conference «FinanzPerspektiven» (Financial perspectives), which focuses on current financial and economic topics. The focus in 2011 was on developments in corporate pension provisioning. About one third of the funds we invest in education and training is allocated for continuing education and training.

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