The banking and finance sector is subject to constant change. Our professional human resource management ensures that the LLB Group keeps pace with developments and continues to position itself as an attractive employer, enabling us to choose and retain the right staff for the challenges of tomorrow and to continually provide the company with a valuable new impetus through targeted personnel development. On the one hand, we have to adapt our staff portfolio to current market conditions; on the other hand, it would not be wise to lose sight of long-term tendencies. Using appropriate tools, our human resources department contributes to securing the implementation of our corporate strategy.

In 2012, we aim to increase competence and performance through optimised management processes and staff promotion. A new transparent remuneration scheme will be introduced to make sure that performance pays for our employees. In order to save time and resources, we intend to further automatise human resource management at the Liechtensteinische Landesbank.

Our leading theme is: «Fordern und fördern» (Challenge and promote). We will strengthen our performance-oriented corporate culture further in 2012. In conjunction with this, we will give our staff more responsibility and compare their work performance and potential with the future requirements of our Group.

Well-educated client advisors who advise private clients on an individual basis provide a decisive economic advantage today, and that is why we are going to invest in their qualifications with even more intensive training programmes. Equally important is the training and development of managers. Despite the growing complexity and speed of business processes, the heightened competition of global markets means that managers have to be able to deal even faster with new economic factors. In future, corporate and manager development will be closely integrated in the LLB Group. We require proactive and creative managers who increasingly focus on expanding potential in a targeted manner and on the values of their colleagues.

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