The success of the Liechtensteinische Landesbank is based on the strengths of our employees. They repeatedly act as catalysts for innovation and change. We promote such values as commitment, trust as well as openness and create an environment for promoting the development of the people within our Group. Competence centres ensure our competitiveness.

Shared Service Centers

Since 2010 our employees have had to face the challenge of gradual change. Due to their expertise, commitment and motivation we have succeeded in equipping our Group with the standardized Avaloq core banking software. One of the main objectives of the platform is to group central services into competence centres and to make greater use of Group-wide synergies.

In a second stage, the LLB Group will unite Payment Services, Trading Services and Securities Administration in Shared Service Centers at the headquarters in Vaduz starting mid-2012. The rationalization of resources will produce savings of CHF 3 million and lead to an improvement in the quality of services. As a result of the consolidation of resources and services 27 workplaces will be rationalized. Shared Service Centers will increase efficiency and the transfer of know-how throughout the Group.

The trend to Shared Service Centers within our Group will continue growing in importance. The Group-internal pooling of resources and services has enormous strategic potential: on the one hand, in regard to cost optimisation as well as to the quality improvement of management and support processes and, on the other hand, in regard to the concentration of expert knowledge in the Centers of Excellence.

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