Brand strategy

Almost five years ago, the Liechtensteinische Landesbank – a universal bank with its core competencies in private banking, asset management, fund services and trust services – was merged into one brand. The brand «Liechtensteinische Landesbank» points towards expansion into new markets. Furthermore, it incorporates the interplay between the many facets of our Group and is a central part of our corporate and growth strategy. Our brand strategy is continually being developed further.

In the year 150 after the foundation of our bank we developed an anniversary logo that embodies what we meant and mean to the Principality of Liechtenstein, our clients, shareholders and staff: «150 Years of Looking Forward». We underscored this with an image campaign in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Moreover, the Liechtenstein Post issued a stamp honouring the Liechtensteinische Landesbank. Embedded in the stamp is a «Quick Response Code», which can be read by smartphones and connects users with the LLB anniversary website.

On the occasion of our 150th anniversary we published a book entitled «Im Wandel beständig. 1861–2011» (Consistent in change). We did this because those who want to read the future must also leaf through the past. The authors are renowned historians from Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The foundation of the Liechtensteinische Landesbank as «Zins- und Credit-Landes-Anstalt im souverainen Fürstenthume Liechtenstein» marked a milestone on Liechtenstein's road to economic modernisation. The Bank stood at the start of all the reforms that ensued after Liechtenstein's first constitution of 1862.

At numerous events in 2011, the brand «Liechtensteinische Landesbank» underscored the close ties between the Principality, Liechtenstein's eleven municipalities and the Bank. 150 years – five generations of mutual trust between clients and their bank. 150 years – that also means five generations of acting responsibly towards people, resources, risks and opportunities in their times.

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