Domestic Market

The low level of interest rates in 2011 generated higher lending volumes at the Liechtenstein and Swiss banks. The real estate market continued its dynamic development coupled with intensive competition. In spite of its strict lending policies, the LLB Group again registered a high level of mortgage lending business. As in previous years, we continued to invest in the expansion and modernisation of our branch network.


«In our domestic markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland we take care of about 170'000 clients. They all expect us to provide modern and reliable banking services at fair prices. Rightly so, in my opinion!»

Urs Müller, Member of the Group Executive Board and responsible for the Domestic Market Business Division

The Domestic Market Business Division represents a solid pillar of the LLB Group. It encompasses the universal banking and private banking business in the domestic markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank with headquarters in Vaduz and Bank Linth with headquarters in Uznach offer a full range of banking and financial services for private and corporate clients. These services include investment counselling and asset management, private financial planning and corporate pension provisioning, as well as savings and mortgage lending business. We have 5 bank branches in Liechtenstein and 25 in the Swiss cantons of Zurich, St. Gallen, Schwyz and Glarus. Furthermore, we also operate 50 ATMs at 20 locations in Liechtenstein and 30 in the east of Switzerland.

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