Corporate Center

The Corporate Center steers, coordinates and controls Group-wide business activities and processes. In 2011, the operational start of the Avaloq banking software system and the construction of a new building for the bank branch in Eschen, Liechtenstein, with its «green» processing centre were the focus of activities. The introduction of new Shared Service Centers means that the Corporate Center has become even more important as the service unit of the LLB Group.


«The Corporate Center is becoming more and more a competence centre for various functions of the LLB Group. We must deliver these services at competitive prices. Our performance is assessed on this basis.»

Dr. Kurt Mäder, Member of the Group Executive Board and responsible for the Corporate Center

The Corporate Center encompasses the Corporate Service Center Organizational Unit, the Group Executive Management and the Special Clients Unit. It supports our market-oriented Domestic, International and Institutional Business Divisions in conducting their activities and implementing their strategies. The focus lies on functions in the areas of financial and risk management, marketing and communication, trading and securities administration, payment services, human resources management, legal services and compliance, corporate development, product management, logistics and information technology. The LLB Group's own financial investments are booked to the Corporate Center.

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