The LLB Group business divisions

The LLB Group business divisions: according to target markets, clients and trends




Domestic Market


International Market


Institutional Market



CHF 153.1 million


CHF 119.2 million


CHF 96.8 million

Share of operating income


41.5 %


32.3 %


26.2 %

Profit before tax


CHF 43.6 million


CHF 0.4 million


CHF 0.3 million

Assets under management


CHF 13.8 billion


CHF 13.5 billion


CHF 18.1 billion

Employees as at 31 December 2011 (full-time equivalents)








Private individuals
Small and medium-sized companies

Private individuals

Fund promoters
Independent asset managers
Legal entities subject to public law
Corporate pension schemes

Origin of clients


Core markets: Austria, Italy, Germany
Growth markets: Russia, Eastern Europe, Near and Middle East


Service offer

Retail banking: e.g. savings and mortgage lending business, payment services
Corporate clients
Private banking
Private financial planning

Private banking: e.g. investment counselling, asset management and structuring, private financial planning
Lombard loans

Fund and asset management
Private labelling services
Brokerage and custody services
Lombard loans


Liechtenstein: 5 branch offices, 20 ATMs (joint operation of LLB ATMs and Post ATMs from 2012), online banking
Switzerland: 25 branch offices, 30 ATMs, online banking

3 booking centres (Vaduz, Zurich, Vienna)
4 further national and international locations
Network of intermediaries in growth markets

Distribution via Vaduz and Zurich

Market drivers

General economic growth
Construction activity
Low interest rates
Increasing use of online banking services
Private pension provisioning (third-pillar)

Strong growth of high net worth individuals' assets in Eastern Europe as well as in the Near and Middle East
Growing need for simple and tailor-made investment possibilities, transparent investment solutions and asset protection measures
Stability of the Swiss franc

Growing need for tailor-made investment possibilities and transparent investment solutions
Search for alternatives for structured investment pools
Attractiveness of the Liechtenstein fund centre
Stock market performance

Market shares

Market leader in the Liechtenstein savings and mortgage lending business as well as private pension provisioning
Largest regional bank in eastern Switzerland

Niche provider in international private banking

Largest fund vendor in Liechtenstein*
Second largest asset manager in Liechtenstein**

*According to custodian bank mandates.
** According to assets under management.

Most important competitors

Liechtenstein: VP Bank, LGT, Centrum Bank, Neue Bank
Switzerland: St. Galler Kantonalbank, Graubündner Kantonalbank, UBS, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen banks, regional banks

Various internationally active major and private banks

LGT, VP Bank, Centrum Bank, Neue Bank
Various internationally active major and private banks

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