Implementation of the growth strategy

In 2004, we defined our three-pillar strategy: consolidation of the Liechtenstein home market, expansion of activities in Switzerland and development of new markets. The LLB Group has managed to continuously strengthen its position by consistently implementing this strategy. In 2012, we plan to be even more consistent when aligning the LLB Group's organizational structure with clients and markets.

Milestones of the LLB strategy











Consolidation of Liechtenstein home market


Expanded activities in Switzerland


Development of new markets


Setting up of LLB Liechtenstein Pension Foundation
Acquisition of majority shareholding in Jura Trust AG

Increase of equity stake in swisspartners Investment Network AG to 51 percent

Opening of the representative office in Abu Dhabi




Opening of the bank branch in Lugano






Majority shareholding in Bank Linth LLB AG






Opening of the Bank Linth branch in Meilen

Opening of the representative office in Dubai



Reorganisation of Group Executive Management with four areas of responsibility:
  Domestic Market, International Market, Institutional Market, Corporate Service Center


Creation of new «Financial Planning and Pension Provisioning» Unit

Takeover of management function for the ALVOSO LLB pension fund

Opening of LLB (Österreich) AG in Vienna


Launching of «TRIA» third-pillar pension provisioning products (death risk, disability)
Commencement of the new branch construction in Eschen

«Crescendo» growth initiative and re-branding of the «Bank Linth» brand

Enlargement of advisory teams in Vaduz, Zurich and Vienna for the Eastern European markets
Competence development in the areas of international tax law and asset structuring



Implementation of the uniform Avaloq banking platform;
  founding of Shared Service Centers


Reworking of the company website:
Cooperation with the VP Bank Group and preparations for cooperation with the Liechtenstein Post

Appointment of Head Private Banking of Bank Linth
Opening of the branch offices in Erlenbach and Winterthur
Opening of the bank branch in Geneva

Expansion of LLB (Österreich) AG and the representative office in Dubai



«move!» programme, new management and market organisation

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